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St. John’s Composite Pre-University College was established in June 2006 by Rev. Fr Alexandar Lobo a noted educationist to cater to the needs of higher education of the people in and around Shankerpura. The college is affiliated to the Catholic Board of Education of the Diocese of Mangalore. Rev. Fr. Ferdinand Gonsalves is our present Correspondent..

Aims And Objectives


The integral development of the whole human person guided by the teaching and inspiration of Christ.


  • All – round development of our students – Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical and Emotional.
  • Fostering intellectual excellence, creating ability and critical thinking.
  • Formation of good Indian citizen, deeply loyal to God and the country.
  • Development of concern towards the poor and the weak.
  • Solidarity as an Institution without caste or communal prejudices.
  • A value oriented upbringing and suitable opportunities for all, to build up character, eschew evil habits and to fight against corruption and injustice.

Courses Offered

The College offers the following courses at the Pre-University level.

  1. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology.
  2. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science.
  3. History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.
  4. Computer Science, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.
  5. Statistics, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy.
  6. History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology.


Candidates who have passed the S.S.L.C. Examination of Karnataka or its equivalent are eligible for admission to the First Year Pre-University courses. Candidates coming from outside India must obtain the eligibility certificate from the Directorate of Pre-University Education, Bangalore.

Important Rules And Regulations

  1. The College will work daily on weekdays from 9-00 a.m. to 12-20 p.m. and from 1-15 p.m. to 4-15 p.m.
  2. Perfect silence is to be maintained at study – halls and students are not supposed to go out of the classrooms in between the classes except for recess.
  3. The students will have the recess at the end of the second hour at 11-10 a.m. – 11-20 a.m.
  4. No Students should be found on the veranda after the in-bells are given.
  5. If the students of a particular class do not have a lecture due to the absence of a particular lecturer they are not supposed to go out of the campus. They should remain inside the class and do their studies. On no count the neighbouring classes are to be disturbed.
  6. On Mondays and Thursdays there will be assembly of the students before the commencement of the classes in the morning.
  7. Students must come for these assemblies in an orderly way and get dispersed in the same manner.
  8. Wearing uniform is compulsory on all days.
  9. Students should be regular and punctual in attending the classes.
  10. If any student remains absent on a particular day / days due to genuine reasons he/she should bring a leave note on the following day and show it to the Principal before entering the class. The leave note should be signed by the parents.
  11. Students remaining absent frequently will not be kept in the College. Irregular attendance is a clear sign of lack of interest of the student in studies.
  12. No student is supposed to come late to the College. However if a student comes late due to vehicular break down or any other valid reason he/she should approach the Principal to take permission to go to the class. No student will sit in the shops outside or loiter around in the playground if he/she comes late.
  13. Attendance at all the tests and examinations is compulsory and no excuse will be entertained.
  14. Students shall not resort to any Malpractice in the tests and examinations. Students resorting to this practice will be summarily dismissed from the College.
  15. Students shall also submit regularly and punctually all the compositions and assignments given by the lecturers. Non-submission of these compositions and assignments will be valid reasons to put the students out of the class.
  16. Students of the College will be grouped into 4 houses. Each house will be put on “Duty” in a month to conduct the co-curricular activities coming in that particular month.
  17. The College will have a College Pupil Leader from among the II P.U.C. students and a Deputy Leader from among the I P.U.C. students. Girl students can also contest these posts.
  18. Students should take an active part in all the sports and games and the National Festivals by coming to the College even-though holidays are given on account of these festivals.
  19. Students shall give the importance to discipline both inside and outside the College. Any complaint received from the members of the public will warrant the dismissal of the students.
  20. Students shall greet all the teachers of the College respectfully when they meet them for the first time in a day.
  21. Perfect silence is to be maintained in the class when the lectures are going on. Passing of books, pens, pencils, etc., during the lectures is strictly forbidden and students indulging in these activities will be put out of the class.
  22. If a student is put out of the class by any lecturer he/she will be kept out of the class by all the lecturers from their classes till the concerned lecturer admits him to the class.
  23. The boys and girls in the College must behave like brothers and sisters. Teasing each other is a punishable offence. Complaints in this regard will be viewed very seriously.
  24. Students should be compulsorily present in the College on the reopening days after the holidays. Remaining absent on these days will entail them to pay a fine.
  25. The students should compulsorily preserve the property of the College. Any damage or/ and breakage of the property must be paid for by the students collectively if the culprits are not identified.
  26. Students shall not play in any matches in any teams outside the College without the permission of the Principal.
  27. On special occasions students are permitted to wear colour dress, but the students should not come in jean pants and T-shirts.
  28. Bringing Mobile phones to the College is a punishable offence as per the recent departmental circular. Hence no student is permitted to bring them to the College. If any students is found in possession of a mobile phone the same will be confiscated and the possessor will be punished as stated in the said circular.
  29. All the students are required to follow the above rules and all other rules and regulations that may be framed from time to time in the interest of the institution.
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